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Issue 4

Prospectus Issue 4 Cover
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The Winter/Spring 2021
Issue of Prospectus
is available in print.

Featuring Poetry,
Artwork &

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In Issue 4, you will find...

Poetry by
Katherine Bakken
Diana Donovan*
Tesa Flores
Ramón Jimenez
Sarah Karowski*
Jill Michelle
Michael Pittard
Mary Kay Schoen
& many more

Fiction by
Chaz Mena
Amanda Walton
Bill Zaget*

* Included in Sampler

Artwork by
Kiha Ahn
Guilherme Bergamini
Fierce Sonia
Afresh Frankincense
Casandra Gong
Bryan Kim*
Ellie Ko*
Arpa Mukhopadhyay
Jim Ross

Reviews of
Emily Franklin
A. Natasha Joukovsky
Laura Imai Messina*
Kyra Wilder

Past Issues

Issue 3

Prospectus Issue 3 Cover
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Poetry by
Lynda Scott Araya *
AK Freeland
Kyle Grant
Pietje Kobus
Rebecca Longenecker *
Norah Rami
Jeddie Sophronius
Martha Stallman
& many more

Fiction by
M.M. Sang *
JT Townley

* Included in Sampler

Artwork by
Terry Brinkman
Martins Deep
Amanda Julien
Caroline Knickmeier *
Mark Luiggi *
George L. Stein
Edward O’Doraidh Supranowicz
Jennifer Weigel

Reviews of
Hope Atlas
Ahmed Badr
Oran Ryan
Lesley Wheeler *

Issue 1

Prospectus Issue 1 Cover
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Issue 2

Prospectus Issue 2 Cover
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